Our goal is to build something different.

Whether you are a teacher NOT LOOKING for a normal teaching job, or an inexperienced future teacher who WOULD NOT like to start a career in ELT in a normal school with a normal routine and a normal approach to teaching, this is the right page!

We are always happy to receive CVs from dedicated people and professionals who are ready to step out of their comfort zone!

#Values Here's what we Believe in

We are a small school with very strong values. Are these yours too?

Team Work

'Collaboration' is the keyword on how we approach our job. Together we can build better and faster than alone.


If we take on our responsibilities towards others, this will inevitably raise the quality of our lives.


Our welfare is the welfare of those around us, no matter whether they are students, colleagues, friends or family members.


We can always put more Heart in what we do. We can always improve and give more. It's a process that has no end.

Deep Honesty

Dealing with colleagues is not always easy. However, a few words can sort out any uncomfortable situation.


Working among friends is much more pleasant than among strangers. We are human beings!

We want to create something different, we want to create a little community of persons free to express themselves and their creativity through their work.

#An important point Adults, Teens, Young or Very Young Learners?

We offer courses to all and we are always happy to get to know new professionals and potential talents!

#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

This will help clarify what we look for.

We welcome CV from everybody who has:

MINIMUM ENGLISH LEVEL: C1 (according to the Common European Framework)

TEACHING EXPERIENCE: not necessary. We will train you, however it is a strong plus.

LOCATION: Preferably you should live in Blumenau (SC) or nearby. At this moment we are not open to hire internationally.

PERSONAL PROFILE: you must really feel that our values above are yours too. If you're proactive, open-minded and eager to give your contribution, please get in touch!

Just send your CV  along with your cover letter to:


We are not. However, please have a look at the General Requirements above and if you fit the profile, do not hesitate to send your CV along with your cover letter at: